All That Glitters…

All That Glitters…

Sun Glitters | Scattered Into Light

Music To Get Lost In…

I recently stumbled across Victor Ferreira’s persona ‘Sun Glitters’ a few months ago whilst browsing Bleep’s extensive library of insanely good music. It would definitely appear, in this case, that all that glitters is gold!

Victor Ferreira’s glitchy, rhythmic soundscapes are beautifully haunting and build a stunning atmosphere in which to kick back and get lost in. ‘Everything Could Be Fine’ released in 2011, is my personal favourite of Ferreira’s offerings. The title track of the album (Everything Could Be Fine) has an awesome sound and is accompanied by a beautiful rolling bass line. ‘Love Me’ is equally stunning with it’s layers of haunting vocals and harmonies. To be honest, there is not much about this album I don’t like… well apart from some of the tracks not being long enough!

There is also a remixed version of the album creatively  titled ‘Everything Could Be Remodeled And That’s Fine ‘. I have to say, I do love a good remix album! I’ll have to wright a blog on my top 5 at some point.

His latest release ‘Scattered Into Light’ continues his faultless form featuring complete vocals rather than the more textural use in previous albums and singles. A definite must listen, please go check it out!

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